We are always delighted to hear from talented postgraduate students and postdocs who wish to conduct further research within the Hulme group. When there are no current positions shown below, there are a number of different schemes which fund postdoctoral fellowships:

If you would like to apply to any of these fellowship schemes to work in the Hulme group please email me to discuss your application (Alison.Hulme@ed.ac.uk).


Applicants need a 1st class or upper 2nd class MChem or a 1st class BSc (or equivalent) and a strong desire to work in synthetic organic chemistry, or at the chemistry/biology interface. Previous experience in either of these areas (an undergraduate project and/or industrial placement) which demonstrates your commitment and motivation is desirable, but not an absolute requirement!

There is a standard University application form which all prospective postgraduate students should complete, which can be found on the University Postgraduate web pages. Informal enquiries can be made by email Alison.Hulme@ed.ac.uk and should be accompanied by a detailed CV.

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