Congratulations Sally!

Congratulations Sally on being awarded an RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector International Travel Prize. Sally is going to present her work at the 19th Tetrahedron Meeting at Lake Garda, Italy in June.

Congratulations Will!

Will presents his work at the SciX International Conference in Glasgow and wins the ECR Oral Presentation prize and a chance to present his work at the October 2018 SciX meeting in Atlanta, USA!

Leaving Dinner…

We had a great night out at the Southern to say goodbye to Fergus (off to a postdoc in Andrew Jamieson’s group at Glasgow) and project students Eleen (off to a PhD with Cristina Nevado at Zurich) and Jim (going to see the world) a couple of weeks ago. Good luck to all!

Historical Mystery Solved!

Our Analytical Methods paper written in collaboration with Dr David Peggie (National Gallery, London) has been accepted. We have identified the chemical structure of a key marker component for the historical use of brazilwood as found in paintings by both Rembrandt and Van Gough. This work paves the way for a better understanding of the materials used by these artists and for the future development of non-destructive techniques with which to study such high-status objects. Congratulations to group members David Wills, whose undergraduate project drove forward much of this work, and Alessio de Simone who ably supervised the project!

AHRC Studentship Award

We have been awarded an AHRC CDP studentship through the Scottish Cultural Heritage Consortium for a project on “Understanding colour in Renaissance embroidery: new analytical approaches” in collaboration with Dr Lore Troalen (National Museums Scotland) and Dr Logan Mackay (Chemistry, UoE). Interested RCUK-eligible students should send a CV to Prof Hulme as soon as possible.

2 Jobs in 2 Days!

Congratulations to group members Fergus McWhinnie – postdoc in Andrew Jamieson’s group in Glasgow lined up for March – and David Georgiev – position with Sygnature in Nottingham starting in the New Year. Very well deserved both of you!

Chem Eur J accepted!

Congratulations Fergus – whose paper “Mix and Match: Mono-substituted Hydrocarbon Diastereomer Combinations Reveal Stapled Peptides with High Structural Fidelity” has just been accepted in Chem Eur J.