PDRA position available!

Applications are invited for a CRUK-funded position to develop new Raman active labels for imaging cytotoxic drugs in live cells. This position will be based in the School of Chemistry and will involve collaborating with colleagues in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre. Deadline for applications 29th March 2019.

International Women’s Day Seminar

Alison is giving a Seminar “Chemistry: an interdisciplinary science that needs (more) women” at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh as part of their International Women’s Day celebrations.

Nanomaterials review accepted!

Congratulations to Sally and Will whose review on “Raman Imaging of Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery” has been accepted for publication in Nanomaterials. A really nice piece of work – well done!

Christmas comes early for the Hulme group!

Fixing a date that everyone can make for a Christmas night out is always tricky and it was the last day in November this year for the Hulme group. But we celebrated in style at Blonde restaurant and even managed to kidnap our favourite computing officer to join us. Christmas dinner 2018[/caption]

Congratulations Chris and Alisia!

Great to be able to join Chris and Alisia at the Winter Graduation ceremony for the award of their PhD’s, and to simultaneously celebrate the publication of their recent papers in ChemBioChem and Scientific Reports.

Winter graduation 2018

CRUK Tough 10 heroes!

Glorious conditions for the Cancer Research UK Tough 10 in the Pentlands today, sunshine and not too much wind. Congratulations to Hulme group members (past, present and honorary) who completed the challenging course.

Chem. Sci. paper is out!

Congratulations to group members Alessio and JR on the publication of their Chemical Science paper “A computationally designed binding mode flip leads to a novel class of potent tri-vector cyclophilin inhibitors” which has just appeared as an Advance Article. A great piece of work – well done!